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Property Management Company

Ken Ho,
Property Manager

The Wynford Group
815 - 1200 W. 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5
Phone: (604) 261-0285
Fax: (604) 261-9279
Contact for:
  • homeowner inquiries about accounts
  • inquiries about bylaws
  • inquiries about rules and regulations
  • building related inquiries

Building Management

Bob Hudson,
Building Manager

Phone: (604) 729-2528
Contact for:
  • booking move-ins or move-outs
  • registration of pets
  • building related inquiries

Building Security

Paladin Security Group Ltd.
Phone: (604) 910-7340
Contact for:
  • theft or break ins
  • crowd gathering
  • drug or alcohol on the premises
  • all other security issues

Website Maintenance

Tammy Craik,
Website Manager

JavaHat Solutions
Contact for:
  • Typos or errors on a web page
  • Page not loading correctly
  • Broken link